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Here’s how we drove over $9.4m in tracked sales for home and furniture brands in 2022
We inspire
Our content showcases some of the most beautiful homes on the planet, providing unique inspiration that helps our users (and your potential customers) discover and define their perfect home
How we do it...
Brand stories
Product placements
We inform
We work with our own panel of leading home experts to publish practical advice that empowers our users to make their dream home a reality – using your products
How we do it...
Product reviews
Branded SEO guides
We influence
We influence the way people feel about your brand and make your products easier to discover, growing your brand and revenue
How we do it...
Custom audiences
Ad whitelisting
Here’s why so many incredible brands work with us
Introduce your brand to high-value consumers
Grow brand equity and sales
More than just advertising – invest in your long-term discoverability
Generate high quality, high-converting leads
Build trust and demand through social proof and third party perspectives
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Just some of the brands we already work with
“Living Cozy has been an amazing partner in helping spread the word about our outdoor furniture collections and newest designs. We’ve seen an incredible lift in new and returning customers directly from Living Cozy, as their team offers an educated and trusted point of view.”
Maggie Gala
Digital Marketing Manager, SunVilla

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For decades, brands have differentiated between brand and performance marketing – not anymore

We combine deep audience insight and expert knowledge to create compelling third party perspectives that influence how consumers feel about your brand, and make your products easier to discover and buy.

We’re pretty good at it too – in 2022 we generated over $9.4m in tracked sales for our partner brands.

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Our brands

Your contributions are featured in content across our portfolio of owned and operated media brands that inspire and empower people to achieve their dream home
incredible brands
monthly unique users
Living Cozy
Living Cozy in your go-to source for modern homeware and furniture brands. It brings together industry experts and the people behind the brands we share our homes with, to give you unique insights into the world of furniture, homeware and interior design.
Interior Insider
Interior Insider takes you inside the world's most beautiful properties, providing inspiration and practical advice from the world's leading interior designers on how to decorate and furnish your home.
Indoor Plants
Launching in Q2 2023, Indoor Plants makes it easy to discover the best indoor plants for every room and provides practical advice on how best to care for them.
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